Where I Stand

Communication & Transparency

As a board member, I will provide regular and timely updates to the community in order to ensure you are as informed as possible. In addition, I will help to facilitate the formation of parental advisory groups that will serve to increase the parental involvement and overall transparency of the school board.

Bullying Prevention

A school's culture is critical to the safety and success of its students. Bullying cannot be tolerated, and the process of reporting bullying incidents must be reworked.

Fiscal Responsibility

I have tremendous respect for the taxpayer - I will work to make sure every dollar spent is spent wisely. Our budget must be sound in order to ensure a great future for our students and educators.

Support for Educators

Our Delaware City Schools educators are the lifeblood of our community. They should be empowered to do what they love - teach. Returning the focus to quality education is how we secure a great future for Delaware City for generations to come.

Creative Solutions

I don't believe that raising taxes is the only solution to the issues facing Delaware City Schools. I am a firm believer that with some critical thinking and creativity, solutions can be found that do not place further burden on our taxpayers.

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